Alternative Jurassic Park IV Story Pitch – Re-Exploring A Lost World

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I dunno if anyone remembers my previous Jurassic Park IV concept being a new trilogy surrounding a dinogeddon concept complete with mini-dinos, nanotechnology and a story that manages to intertwine the original characters fate back together to survive against another attempt and recreating naturally selected extinct creatures.

Well now I return after watching the trilogy again and this time I have come up with perhaps a better idea that returns the series back to its roots, while not rebooting itself. Before I dive in I want to clearly communicate that I am a major fan of the first film along with the 2 books by the deceased Michael Crichton. So with that in mind, I want you all to know that this pitch is very much grounded in some of the original source material from Crichton’s books, particularly all the unused things from The Lost World novel.

Jurassic Park IV will re-explore a Lost World

Bound by movie canon we unfortunately have to adhere to certain rules laid before in the original three movies. So I am going to try and make sure this pitch covers all of those things particularly the state department’s place in all things dino since that ridiculous San Diego scene at the end of The Lost World.

So in this new adaptation, I believe some new characters are in order, ones who are equally if not more interesting than the likes of Grant, Malcolm and Hammond. I prefer to use Crichton’s character from the original Lost World novel, Richard Levine, a spoiled, rich palaeontologist genius. This is the kind of character that can combine traits of Alan Grant and John Hammond into one guy. So my gut tells me to create a site C but that would just be too crazy, too ridiculous. So this is where Levine’s character deviates a bit from the novel to the screenplay. In the book, he, along with Malcolm, are researching to find out where Ingen’s mysterious site B is, the place where all the dinos are grown and hatched before shipped to Isla Nublar (Site A).

A Return to the Original Island from Jurassic Park

My idea would be to have Levine wanting to return to site A instead since it has never been re-explored before in movie canon. Since the incident in the original movie, the island has been left deserted and it is unknown what happened to the dinosaurs. However, it is possible that they all died from lack of lysine, although this could be unlikely considering the lysine contingency never kicked in on Isla Sorna (Site B). So with that canon rule in mind, I find it a great idea to return to the roots of the series where it originally took place. So why would Levine want to return to site A? well that is the mystery that I will get a bit later.

So Levine decides to start up an expedition to hit Isla Nublar and given his wealth he has the power to supercede any State Department interference. Now in this timeline 10 years after the events of JP3, Ingen has gone out of business, too many lawsuits, money lost on research and various other things have put the company out.

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So the government has taken over all of Ingen’s assets related to the Jurassic Park projects as sort of a bailout concept allowing whatever company that purchases Ingen to only control the most profitable pieces. The government also protects the JP projects as wildlife preserves and keeping anyone from independently trying to go and control the dinosaurs again for profit.

On Levine’s team, you can go one of two ways. He recruits someone from the original films as a bridge person. I am thinking Lex because she would be hot enough and old enough to be in her mid to late 20s and her career would be computer engineering. Levine’s convinces her to go show she can hack the computers leftover and get whatever information she can to protect her grandfather’s company’s legacy (as tarnished as it may be). Other team members I think would be cool would be to have an ex-member of the island’s security team that managed to escape Nublar on the boat before the shit hit the fan. The last member of the team would be an ex-Site B scientist that can decipher any research left over, etc. So why would all of these people want to return to the island? well, money is always a good motivator but they all have personal reasons. I think the biggest theme is they lost something in their lives the minute Jurassic Park happened. Some lost jobs, some lost friends, some lost family. It’s perhaps a redemption for some whereas it may be revenge for others. Perhaps when one finds out that Lex, the granddaughter of Hammond going is the prime opportunity for revenge. There is a lot of motives to explore none more so than that of Levine.

The Twist of Jurassic Park IV

Here lies the twist of the film not because I believe every good movie should have a twist but should have characters doing interesting things that are sometimes considered “mysterious”. It is just my belief that mystery creates good character interest through it. So what twist am I referring to? There is a few of them and I have decided as I was writing this to not share them. This is only because if  Spielberg or Mark Protosevich read this and are intrigued themselves I’d rather share it with them first so it makes it into the film and isn’t spoiled already. Let’s just say it creates a storyline that sets up for a more intertwined and connected new trilogy of Jurassic Park movies that will set in motion some really cool events.

Other elements thrown into this movie revolve around Isla Nublar itself, first off you have to imagine that nothing on that island has changed in 18 years from the human presence. All the computers are from 1993, vehicles, production designs, all of that. The only thing that has changed is possibly what the dinos have done to the environment but also mother nature (hurricanes and other weather). So you have kind of a nice revisit to a familiar place on your hands but can be recreated in different ways. I have in my mind a cool scene where Lex and the other members of the team see the Ford Explorers from the first movie one particularly that Lex remembers.

So other additions to the Isla Nublar island would be the evolution of the dinosaurs themselves. They have begun to breed, which was already alluded to in the first movie and of course second film too. So the dino population is a little different than it may have been 18 years ago but also I like the idea of introducing other areas of the park we never saw with dinos we never knew were there.

All in all, I find this idea just as rewarding as the previous plan of mine for a Jurassic Park revival that keeps inline not only the canon of the movies but brings back some of the great things from Crichton’s second novel that never made it screen. There is also some interesting modern perspective that can be brought to the scientific merits of the film’s actual “sciency” ideas ranging from previous genetic engineering thoughts to current ones. Also, Crichton brings out one of the most interesting concepts of all in the Lost World book which is prions in the brain.

So what do you think of this other Jurassic Park IV idea?


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