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Marvel Phase 4 – What Life After Avengers 4 Will Look Like

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Marvel Phase 4 Guide - What Life After Avengers 4 Will Look Like Discover Fused Film’s pitch guide for the next round of Marvel films currently billed as Phase 4....

Alternative Jurassic Park IV Story Pitch – Re-Exploring A Lost World

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I dunno if anyone remembers my previous Jurassic Park IV concept being a new trilogy surrounding a dinogeddon concept complete with mini-dinos, nanotechnology and a…


4 Ways Indiana Jones Can Be A Modern Adventure Story – Indy Chronicles Story Pitch

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Indiana Jones will eventually die. Earlier this week, there was a rumour unleashed upon the internet that Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg want to kill…


Jurassic Park IV Pitch – Dinogeddon Anyone?

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Jurassic Park is one of my favourite adventure films of all time and I have been saving this pitch article for quite some time, only…